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About Martin Darkside


M. Darkside aka Martin Woodhead is a Dark art artist from the UK who specializes in oil painting. Drawn to dark imagery and the Vanitas Dutch style, Martin realized that the method communicated a story with each piece. Using that classical method, Martin began creating his own pieces to share the stories that intrigue him.

M. Darkside's love for the horror genre has influenced his work throughout the years, and he continues to create his own hauntingly beautiful paintings.

Publications -


Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine
shock horror 
Gore Noir
Haunted Afterdark
Bizarre Magazine
Obscure Magazine
Gorgeous Freaks
Blood Magazine 
Pinup Fantasies & Faerie Tales magazine


The ZomBook

Antennae of Inspiration: The Insect Art Project

Feathers of Inspiration: The Bird Art Project

The "Meows (and Roars) of Inspiration" project

The Black & White series Volume One


The Black & White series Volume Two


The Black & White series Volume Three

Enchanted: Fairy Tales, Folktales and Fables Artistically Explored

Excavate: Unearthing Artistic Skeletal Remains

Pandaemonium book Project

Slithers and Scales of Inspiration: The Reptile Art Project

Past shows:

'Freakshow' - Group show: Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio  2016

'8 x 8 ' - Group show: Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio  - January 9 - February 15 2016

'The Dark One' - Group show: Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio  - February 13 - March 13 2016

“The Little BIG Art Show” - La Bodega Gallery

September 24  2016

Upcoming shows:

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